About Us - Teacher

NET-Q serves teachers, both in- and pre-service, in multiple ways:

Pre-service Teachers:
Pre-baccalaureate Teacher Preparation programs for Early Childhood Education (PreK-grade5) have been improved. They now include either initial certification with an English as a Second Language (ESOL) endorsement OR dual certification in early childhood education and special education. Pre-bacc programs in early (PreK-5) and middle childhood (4-8) will also be enhanced via co-teaching in select courses to enhance ESOL, Special Education, and technology integration across the content areas.

Post-baccalaureate (i.e., graduate) Teacher Preparation programs will include paid Residency programs in secondary math, secondary science, and K-12 special education. These Residencies provide $25,000 stipends for college graduates and culminate in teaching certificates and masters degrees.

In-service Teachers:
Cross-Career Learning Communities offer on-going professional development for teachers at Professional Development Schools.

Pathways Scholarships offer opportunities for teachers to earn a stipend and assist in educational research when they enroll in graduate programs.

Mentor training for experienced teachers is available via the Mentor Modules website (in development).