Cross-Career Learning Communities

Cross Career Learning Communities are school-based, small, learning communities dedicated to the collaborative analysis of teaching, learning, and assessment practices in the service of increased student achievement.

They are not only act as a support for the successful induction and retention of new teachers but also as a vehicle for the delivery of the kind of continual, collaborative, and job-embedded professional development.

CCLCs were repeatedly mentioned in the needs assessment with district partners as a desired focus. Columbus State University has requested that their rural district partners and faculty members be involved in CCLC training. In addition to district personnel, GSU prospective teachers and faculty members will be invited to participate in CCLCs alongside GSU’s P-12 partners.

CCLCs are composed of a purposeful mix of university and school faculty members and novice and experienced educators, thus creating a seamless transition from prospective to practicing and providing support to beginning teachers through their first critical years. CCLCS are designed to reduce the high rates of teacher turnover that typically occur there.

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