Grant Priorities


Grant Priority 1: Enhancing Pre-baccalaureate Teacher Preparation Programs 

Georgia State University’s pre-baccalaureate teacher preparation programs will make the following improvements:

  1. Recruiting and selecting: Increase the number of male candidates and candidates from underrepresented groups by marketing the programs through community service organizations on GSU’s campus, historically Black fraternities and sororities, and via partnerships with CAU (a Historically Black College) and GPC (a two-year institution).
  2. Expanding/enhancing specialized programs for Special Education and ESOL endorsement concurrent with Elementary Certification: Expand the Dual-Certification Program for Elementary and Special Education and the Traditional Certification with ESOL Endorsement Program.
  3. Developing faculty knowledge: Train and support faculty to address the needs of students with disabilities and ELLS, as well as to enhance technology and literacy integration in courses and P-12 placements.
  4. Enhancing prospective teachers’ understanding of research and pedagogy: Coordinate with practicing teachers to involve prospective teachers in action research and data analysis (in addition to aligning research-based practice in all coursework).
  5. Improving mentoring: Coordinate with GPB to improve mentor training for cooperating teachers and increase the number of trained mentors.
  6. Integrating PDS work: Expand the roles of existing professional development schools to include more field-based courses and more direct work with students and practicing teachers.

Grant Priority 2: Post–baccalaureate Program Enhancements and Teacher and Leader Residency programs

The GSU post-baccalaureate partnership with Albany State University (ASU) will offer unique residency programs for urban and rural high need school districts. GSU will provide urban NET-Q teaching residencies in mathematics, science, and special education as well as leadership residencies.