Mentor Training

Mentoring new teachers into the profession is especially important. Research shows that high-quality mentoring improves job satisfaction, retention, and student learning.

NET-Q promotes teacher mentoring in several ways:

  1. NET-Q Co-PI Caitlin McMunn Dooley is leading a group to create mentor training modules that will be available nationally. These digital modules will be excellent resources for facilitated learning for mentors. District leaders, teacher preparation programs, and K-12 school staff can use the digital modules as they facilitate training programs. National experts featured on the digital modules will include Dr. Joyce King, Dr. Betty Achinstein, and others.Teachers in GA may be able to use these modules as part of their Coaching or T.S.S. Endorsement programs.
  2. Pre-baccalaureate Programs provide high-quality mentor selection. Field placements in K-12 schools are facilitated by knowledgeable teachers who guide novice teachers as they learn about teaching.
  3. Post-baccalaureate Residency Programs also promote high-quality mentor selection.

During the second semester of the NET-Q Teacher Residency, the year-long clinical teaching experience begins by establishing mentor relationships with a trained and experienced teacher at a high need school. Experience shall be measured as years of service. Mentors must be highly qualified in their content areas.

Furthermore, the mentor teachers will be chosen based on their ability to satisfy the Georgia T.S.S. endorsement selection criteria as follows:

  • at least three years of successful teaching experience,
  • exhibit a positive attitude toward the teaching profession,
  • have excellent interpersonal skills, and
  • demonstrated effective classroom instructional skills and strategies.