Pathways Scholarships


Professional Support for Educators in NET-Q Schools

Georgia State University College of Education

The Pathway Summer Scholars Program supported by the Network for Enhancing Teacher Quality Grant

(NET-Q) in local Professional Development Schools (PDS), is offered to Teachers and Administrators interested in starting a graduate program at Georgia State University (GSU) or currently enrolled in a graduate program at GSU.

Program Benefits:

  1. Free Tuition for summer semester courses. 
  2. A $1,800 stipend is paid to each participant.   
  3. An opportunity to design and conduct research to inform professional practice with a GSU faculty member.  
  4. Summer Scholars are hired as a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA).


  1. Inform Teachers and Administrators about this important professional support opportunity.  (This information can be distributed electronically or posted)  
  2. NEW applicants must complete GSU entrance requirements prior to the deadline.  
  3. Deadline for NEW graduate school applicants is February 1st
  4. After Principals have been informed by members of the faculty of their interest, please select either a new GSU graduate school applicant who has been accepted into his/her program of study or someone already enrolled in a graduate program. 
  5. Send the name of the selected person by April 15th to Patsy Terry at and copy Shaila Philpot at


  1. New Graduate School Applicants must follow GSU Application Procedures  and complete the process by the February 1st deadline.  Graduate School acceptance must be received by April 1st in order to be considered by your principal.
  2. Interested applicants must immediately notify the principal in order to be included with other school-based applicants for the principal’s final selection.
  3. Additional Pathway Summer Scholars Program information will be sent electronically to selected Scholars after the principal’s confirmation has been received. 

Interested Applicants - see attached documents for more information 


Pathway Summer Scholars Program (PSSP) Application Procedures:

  • Applications will be sent to selected Scholars after receiving confirmation from the principal.
  • Selected Scholars must complete the PSSP application and return it electronically by April 30th to Patsy Terry, Program Coordinator at and Shaila Philpot at
  • Scholars are hired as Graduate Research Assistants (GRA), and instructions for GRA hiring will be sent by the NET-Q Business Manager at a later date.  
  • After GRA hiring procedures are completed a tuition waiver will be placed on your account for summer semester registration purposes.
  • Scholars/GRA’s may take up to 3 courses in addition to a REQUIRED GRA course.
  • GRA’s are assigned to a faculty member in his/her selected department.  Faculty members and Scholars are usually matched based on research interest.
  • GRA research related time commitment during the summer is 20hrs per week.  The arrangement of GRA time is decided upon between Scholar and GSU faculty person.
  • Scholars/GRA’s are required to pay approximately $814.00 in student fees, and must show proof of health insurance.
  • Scholars/GRA’s are required to attend two meeting during the semester.  The first is an orientation meeting at the beginning of the semester and a final meeting near the end of the semester where GRA work is presented.
  • GSU contact number for Shaila Philpot, NET-Q Program Assistant is (404)413-8433.



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